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P and N Projects Domestic Plumbing

P and N Projects Domestic Plumbing. P&N Projects is dedicated to professional service, high standards of service delivery, and customer satisfaction. We provide a specialist plumbing, painting and general repair task team.

P and N Projects Domestic Plumbing. We are specialists in Maintenance & Construction Plumbing. Although our main area of expertise lies in Plumbing, demand has also allowed us to establish a specialist painting task team, and a general repair task team. We strive to stay informed of the most current technoloy & tools. We currently have numerous contracted clients for whom we supply Plumbing & Maintenance services, and Construction Plumbing for Building Contractors & Developers.

P and N Projects Domestic Plumbing Services:

  • REPAIRS: Burst Geysers, Geyser Valves, Geyser Thermostats, Replacement of Geysers, Leaking Pipes, Worn Pipes
  • INSTALLATION: Basin, Toilet and Bowl, Baths
  • DRAIN & WAISTS: Drains, Gullies & Traps, Septic Tanks & French Drains, Emptying of Septic Tanks
  • OTHER: General House Services
  • ALSO Painting & Maintenance and General Services (General Maintenance, Building Works & Alterations, Construction, Tile Works)

P and N Projects Domestic Plumbing Contact Details:

Tel: 082 824 5862

Fax: 086 546 7913

Cell: 082 339 5931



Physical Address:
477 26th Ave