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Little Village Christian Nursery School

Little Village Christian Nursery School was established by Laurine Wagner in 1987. We are a culturally diverse school catering to the needs of our community. Under the loving attention and gentle Christian guidance of their teachers and assistants, children of Little Village enjoy a busy day at school, benefiting from the well equipped classes, fun playgrounds, extra murals and other interesting activities. Our children receive a comprehensive pre-school education that enables them to move to Primary School confidently.

Little Village Christian Nursery School offers:

  • Full Day and Half Day Options for ages 2 to 6 years old (we are open throughout the year with a 3 week break for the December holidays).
  • Hours are from 06h45 to 17h30 – Programme begins at 08h05.
  • 6 Classes, each under the dedicated supervision of a qualified teacher and teacher assistant.
  • Our 2 Grade R Classes (with their own separate facilities) are equipped and geared to providing a structured learning programme that will ensure children receive a comprehensive pre-school education, and enable them to move to Primary School confidently.
  • Each Age Group has it’s own daily educational programme that meets the needs of the child’s unique and appropriate developmental stage.
  • Music and Movement (done weekly) forms an integral part of our school programme and takes place in our Gross Motor and Music area.
  • Ample time is spent in the Playground encouraging sharing and socializing, while developing gross motor skills.
  • Extra Murals (dancing, computers, pottery, rugga, swimming) are offered privately, on the premises (except swimming).
  • Security Guard outside all day, cctv access control, electric fence and armed response.
  • Annual highlights include Grandparents Day, Graduation Concert and Ceremony and the Big Walk.

Contact Details for Little Village Christian Nursery School:

Contact Person:
Ann Currie




304 Bardenhorst Street
Wierda Park