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Labels 4 School

Labels 4 School - South Africa - Kids School Labels

Labels 4 School is an online store and dependable supplier of School Labels, School Stickers, Kids Labels, Iron-on Clothing Labels, Sew-in Clothing Labels, Pencil Labels, Vinyl Labels, Shoe Labels, Gift Labels, Household Labels, Address Labels and Packaging Labels.

The school labels will feature your child’s name, surname and if desired, school name or cellphone number. Watch the short instructional video on to make the most of your labels, then select your labels from the wide range available. The value packs available are the Budget Pack, Starter Pack, Pre-School Pack or Super Pack, at special prices.

Labels For School Product Range:

  • BUDGET PACK: 60 Wrap-around Pen & Pencil Labels, 40 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 40 Micro Labels, 8 Shoe Shields.
  • STARTER PACK: 25 Iron-on/Sew-in Clothing Labels, 48 Wrap-around Pen & Pencil Labels, 25 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 40 Micro Labels, 20 Book Labels, 6 Shoe Shields, 1 Bag Tag.
  • PRE-SCHOOL PACK: 30 Iron-on/Sew-in Clothing Labels, 50 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 60 Micro Labels, 8 Shoe Shields, 1 Bag Tag.
  • SUPER PACK: 50 Iron-on/Sew-in Clothing Labels, 84 Wrap-around Pen & Pencil Labels, 50 Multi-purpose Vinyl Labels, 40 Micro Labels, 36 Book Labels, 8 Shoe Shields, 1 Bag Tag.
  • Multi-Purpose Labels: glue sticks, lunch boxes, juice bottles, rulers, staplers, pencil boxes, calculators, laptops.
  • Wrap Around Pen/Pencil Labels: pens, pencils, kokis, pencil crayons, paint brushes, tippex pens.
  • Micro/Mini Labels: cell phones, watches, scissors, flash disks, sharpeners, erasers.
  • Book Labels: text books, exercise books, files, diaries.
  • Iron-On & Sew-In Labels: blazers, hats, ties, skirts, shirts, dresses, shorts, jerseys.
  • Shoe Shields: clear laminate to put over multi purpose label on school shoes, running shoes, sports shoes.
  • Bag Tags: school bags, sports bags, travel bags.

Labels For School Contact Details:

Tel: 081 445 0048 / 082 928 9206



Labels4School - South Africa - School Labels