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Just Labels

Just Labels - KZN - School Labels.jpg

Just Labels is an online store that specialises in cost effective, high quality products to label all your school and personal items, including stationery, clothing and shoes. There are various types of labels to choose from, like bag tags, stationery labels, book labels, iron-on or sewing-on clothing labels, shoe labels, mini labels (water resistant, for use on calculators, watches, scissors, sharpeners), and much more.

A reliable method to label your school belongings, is to use self-adhesive stickers – just peel and stick on.  Product Packs available include the Budget Pack; Jumbo Pack; Starter Pack, Stationery Pack 1, Stationery Pack 2.

Just Labels School & Other Labels:

  • Iron-on Clothing Labels: easy to apply iron-on label with black, blue or red text.
  • Sew-on Clothing Labels: cotton labels ideal for boarding school.
  • Bag Labels with/without Image: durable, personalised  plastic tag with fixing ring.
  • Book Labels with/without Image: large, customisable book label.
  • Mini Labels: small water resistant label.
  • Shoe Labels: hard wearing peel and stick plastic label.
  • Stationery Labels: flexible, waterproof plastic label.
  • Wrap-Around Pencil Labels: pencils, kokis, pens.
  • Motivational Labels: in fluorescent colours.
  • Personal Labels: Address Label with/without Image; Motivational Labels; Gift Labels.
  • Product Packs: Budget Pack; Jumbo Pack; Starter Pack, Stationery Pack 1, Stationery Pack 2.
  • Create your own Custom Labels.

Just Labels Contact Details:

Tel 031 266 1738