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Electrical Certificate of Compliance

Electrical Certificate of Compliance – Pretoria East Gauteng. Electrician Worx is an electrician company that specialises in electrical repair / electrical fault finding, electrical system upgrades, electrical circuits or new installations. We provide an Electrical COC Certificate after all the work has being done. We have many hours experience in serving the residential, commercial and industrial industry. Our team of certified electricians are known to deliver the prominent results without any compromise with quality.

A Certificate of Compliance ( COC Certificate ) requires that all fixed appliances, including lights that have exposed metal, need to be connected to the earth. An insulation test is done and an earth spike reading. We check all wiring to ensure its the rated type for the appliance and correctly installed. The regulations for COC ( Certificate of compliance ) are concerned with correctness and safety of your Electrical Installation. Everything that forms part of the installation is in good working order. The basic items that the electrician will check: The mains boards, correct cable sizes, correct connections, correct circuit breakers, and Earth leakage operation.

The Certificate of compliance starts from where the mains supply cable enters the property, to the top of the main switch Circuit breaker, and the point of consumption. Things like a plug socket or where the wires connect to a fixed appliance. Check that all plugs and switches work correctly. For instance, there must be no worn contacts for the certificate of compliance.

Know What Your COC Covers:
The first thing to know is that this COC certificate covers the electrical “installation”.
The COC Certificate Electrical Inspection – we can see what part of the electrical installation is not compliant for the COC Certificate Pretoria. Therefore, we have the entire book of regulations, SANS10142-1.
Also includes the occupational health and safety act. Therefore, we have the entire book of regulations, SANS10142-1. Also includes the occupational health and safety act. Of course, these regulations from time to time.

Electrician Worx Services:

COC ( Certificate of Compliance )
No Power/No Hot Water
Burst Geysers
Borehole Pump
Swimming Pool Pump
Security Lights
Earth Leakage
Gate Motors
Plugs Industrial
24/7 Emergency Electricians Pretoria

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