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bambooh® Day Nurseries

Bambooh Day Nursery - Pretoria East

We are a day nursery group who offer daycare services to parents with children from 6 months up until Grade 1 (we have our own Grade R). Our outlook on the usual day care is completely different to the norm and we firmly believe in education starting from the youngest of our charges. Our themes run weekly and are uniformed (age appropriate), from the babies all the way up to our Grade R class. We offer Mental and Creative Play, Social Play and Physical Play with class rotation, which gives your child a daily balance of all three disciplines.

Each day include a hot breakfast and cooked lunch, and we also offer a Shuttle Service and an Aftercare Service for your grade school children. We are conveniently situated in Wingate Park and Menlo Park in Pretoria East. Contact us to pop in and meet our teachers, and see how we do things the bambooh® way!!! (Contact Michelle on 071 648 1495 or email or visit our website

bambooh® Day Nurseries Information:

  • Day Care: from 6 months to Grade R.
  • Subjects: Mental Play, Creative Play, Physical Play, Social Play.
  • Hot Breakfast & Cooked Lunch.
  • Shuttle Service.
  • Aftercare Service for your grade school children.

Contact Details for bambooh® Day Nurseries:

Contact Person:
Michelle Buntmann




bambooh® Wingate Park
822 Barnard Street
Wingate Park