A & R Mobile Cleaning Services

A & R Mobile Cleaning Services in Pretoria and Centurion – Your Trusted Carpet And House Cleaners! It is a Mobile Business, therefore we come to your premises, with our own equipment and cleaning materials. Our services include washing your carpets, furniture and house cleaning – from basic cleaning to a full deep clean of your house. You can get a once-off cleaning or a regular cleaning. Pre-occupational cleaning is available too.

A & R Mobile Cleaning Services is a growing family business founded by a proud father to help his daughter get ahead and have a brighter future.
We are creating jobs for many people struggling in Pretoria, as we offer a wide range of services. Ranging from a basic clean, to a deep clean. Weekly cleaning and ironing is also available. We use our own cleaning equipment and chemicals. Our Services are available in Pretoria, and Centurion. So it is as easy as booking an appointment and arranging a trained supervisor with trained employees to go out to your premises and clean what you require us to clean.

A & R Mobile Cleaning Services – our wide range of services include:

Fitted Room Carpets
Loose Carpets
(Ranging from your general nylon carpets to the trickier, Shaggy, Flucati, (Long hair carpets) and even Persians

General Material Lounge Suites
Swede Lounge Suites
Synthetic Leather Lounge Suites
Wingback Chairs
Dining Room Chairs
Head Boards
and even Teddies if you want!

We have an industrial Semca machine which we combine with hot water and a powerful environmentally friendly chemical specially made for furniture and carpets to offer the best results that we can achieve. Our chemical has a very low fragrance, therefore it suits our sensitive customers too.
Although we cannot forget about those clients that just love that fresh clean smell so we have a special chemical with a great fragrance to offer on special order, to leave those rooms smelling great.
Many people forget to wash their carpets and furniture often but there are several reasons to have a good deep clean at least every 3 months. These reasons range from health benefits to hygiene reasons.
Having a regular wash helps with sinus problems and general breathing problems, as less dust is trapped in your carpets and furniture.
One must not forget that a regular clean helps to keep those creepy crawly bed bugs at bay, and it also helps to fight off those pesky fleas and mites that our beloved animals bring into our homes. And let us not forget our pets leave a lot of sand and hair onto our carpets, so a regular wash will help keep all of this under control.
If you have children it is not necessary for us to stress the fact that children are messy and they can bring a lot of dirt to your carpets and furniture.
With a regular wash we can help you keep your furniture and carpets in good condition making them last longer. By moving the fibres and getting them clean from the under felt to the top.
Besides all the health benefits, we leave your things looking good again so you can be as proud of your house as you should be.
Our customers are very important to us and we value their feedback. Therefore, we treat every client as our only client.

Contact Details for A & R Cleaning services:


Contact Person:
Zannie Isaacs

079 184 1705


1 Thos Barry Street

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