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Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-school

Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-school

Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-school is situated in Pierre van Ryneveld close to Kirkness, Lyttleton, Centurion, Monument Park and Elardus Park. Woelwaters is a bilingual crèche and preschool that accept babies from 3 months of age. Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-School strives to develop and educate your baby to become a confident and balanced child. All children must be stimulated intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically during all stages of their development.

  • Babies must be nurtured, loved and care should be taken to stimulate growth.
  • Toddlers (ages 1-2) must be assisted to venture and discover their environment
  • Toddlers (age 3 and 4) basic content based education to support motorized and perceptual skills
  • Toddlers (age 5) Combination of content- and outcomes based education to prepare for the foundation phase
  • Grade R – Outcomes based Education as prescribed by Educational Department.

Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-school Focuses on:

  1. Bible Teaching
  2. Orientation and Discussion (Themes)
  3. Music Development
  4. Creative Activities
  5. Perceptual Activities
  6. Language Development
  7. Vocabulary
  8. Organized Play

Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-school  Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-school

Contact Details for Woelwaters Crèche and Pre-school:

Sonja du Preez

Tel (W):
012 662 1501

Tel (H):
012 662 1007

082 461 4102

6 Viljoen Street
Pierre van Ryneveld