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Vivia Oosthuizen Art Classes

Vivia Oosthuizen Art Classes - Groenkloof

Vivia Oosthuizen: I am a qualified teacher with more than 20 years experience. I teach children from all ages. I have a worked out program for every week. The art classes are once a week for two hours. The fee includes everything they need for the class. I ask an entry fee of R300 (that includes an art case with paint, brushes, ect). Contact or e-mail me for more info.

I love art and people. I am an art teacher and full time artist. When teaching art classes, your students inspire you to keep on experimenting with new mediums and texture. I prefer oils on canvas, wood, paper, ect.

Vivia Oosthuizen Art Classes Information:

  • Education: Qualified art teacher
  • Art Classes: at Groenkloof Studio and at Jimnettes in Lynnridge Mall
  • Art Classes for children of all ages
  • Art Classes for all grades
  • Exhibitions: art exhibitions at home

Contact Details for Vivia Oosthuizen Art Classes:

Facebook page: art-vivia oosthuizen

Contact Person:
Vivia Oosthuizen



I give class in Groenkloof at my Studio


at Jimnettes in Lynnridge Mall