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Ugu Office Relocations and Installations

Office Relocations and Installations - Gauteng - Ugu

Ugu Office Relocations and Installations. Ugu specialises in doing both small and large office relocations and installations for companies throughout Gauteng. Ugu will assist companies in space planning their premises, time manage the move so that minimal working hours are lost, do computer networking and cabling, move servers in air suspension trucks, and repair chairs. Ugu can also assist in helping to supply any additional office furniture (through a sister company Quantum Office Furniture).

Ugu Office Relocations and Installations:

  • Deliver sufficient packaging material
  • Dismantle and re-assemble all work stations, screens and partitions
  • Dismantle all shelving and storage units
  • Labels will be provided for all items and boxes to ensure that they are correctly placed
  • Remove surplus items as directed
  • Securely pack IT equipment
  • Plan and coordinate all trucks, moving equipment and moving staff to have your move done in the agreed time.

Post Move:

  • We will collect any moving equipment & packing materials once you have unpacked all items.
  • We will assist with any small moves of furniture and equipment should this be required.

Space Planning:

  • Should you be unsure whether your existing furniture will fit in your new premises, we will measure your existing furniture and new premises and position it out for you to optimise your space

Ugu Office Relocations and Installations Contact Details:

Tel: 011 425 5506

Fax: 011 849 0456



Physical Address:
60 3rd Ave

Postal Address:
P O Box 16133
Atlasville 1465