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The Mazz Vaulting and Riding Club

Mazz Riding and Vaulting Club - Pony Camp 2013

The Mazz Vaulting & Riding Club is situated in Mnandi, Centurion, and offers Horse Riding Lessons, Vaulting Lessons, Pony Camps, Pony Outrides and Stabling at their premises, and also hosts training shows for dressage, jumping, showing, and vaulting. The Club provides a large 20m lunge arena, a 33m X 70m show-jumping arena, and good quality stabling services with 2 large, spacious paddocks, comfortable stables and 3 meals a day.

Mazz Vaulting & Horse Riding Stabling Special 2013 - Advert

The Mazz Vaulting & Riding Club Services 2013:

  • Horse Riding Lessons: to all ages with ponies and horses available for all levels of competence, or bring your own horse to the lesson (for lessons, please contact Fernanda on 083 602 2713).
  • Vaulting: gymnastics on horseback, can be done in the walk or the canter.
  • Mazz Pony Camps: arena games; indoor activities; learn how to feed, groom and tack up a pony; cleaning stables; shoeing of hooves; gymnastics on horseback (vaulting), riding lessons, and much more! (for more information go to
  • Group Lessons for Tots: 1/2 hour group lessons for 3 – 5 year old kids.
  • Shows: host training shows for showing, dressage, jumping and vaulting bi-monthly
  • Stabling: superb stabling; Special on for 2013.
  • Horse Box Facilities: for clients wishing to transport their horses to and from venues, at competitive rates.

Mazz Vaulting and Horse Riding Club Contact Details:

Phone: 083-602-2713



Physical Address:
Mazz Vaulting and Horse Riding Club
150 Tulip Rd
Mnandi Agricultural Holdings
Centurion, Gauteng