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Secrets of Africa Skin Care

Secrets of Africa Skin Care - Irene

Secrets of Africa is a Division of Pikoko Innovations (Pty) Ltd, and is the supplier of high quality, organic skin and hair products. We provide quality African Earth products that surpass customer expectations, whilst continually improving our processes through the use of innovative ideas, and including the finest natural ingredients sourced all over Africa.

Secrets of Africa skin and hair care products include Jamaican Black Castor Oil that stimulates hair growth, and improves a thinning hairline. It is also used to seal in moisture to skin and hair. Argan Oil rejuvinates the face, is used as a facial moisturizer, helps for pigmentation marks, is an overnight hair treatment and hair styling shine, and can be used as a body and bath oil. Organic Shea Butter can be applied on dry skin, skin rash, itching skin, insect bites, and it prevents stretch marks during pregnancy.

Secrets of Africa Skin Care Products:

  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil: thickens thinning hairline, stimulates hair growth, seals in moisture to skin and hair, etc.
  • Argan Oil (unrefined / organic): rejuvinating the face, face moisturizer, pigmentation marks, overnight hair treatment, hair styling shine, cuticles & heels, body and bath oil, etc.
  • Organic Shea Butter: for dry skin, skin rash, itching skin, insect bites, stretch marks prevention during pregnancy, etc.
  • Black Soap.
  • African Mangoe.

Contact Details for Secrets of Africa Skin Care:


Contact Person:
Lina Radebe



Route 21, Corporate Park
49 Sovereign Drive