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Pretoria Preparatory School

Pretoria Preparatory School - Gauteng

The Pretoria Preparatory School (PPS) was established in 1977 by a group of parents, therapists and educators. It is a non-profit independent remedial school managed by a Board of Governors. The school meets the needs of children who are underachieving in regular schools because of specific or generalised learning difficulties. There are no more than 13 children per class, and they receive a great deal of individual attention. PPS follows the National Curriculum.

There are class teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, a remedial teacher, support staff, a psychologist,  and a part-time music therapist on the staff at Pretoria Preparatory School. They are very dedicated, highly qualified and experienced. Pretoria Preparatory School is a small school, but has a variety of facilities to aid in the holistic development of pupils, which include a well equipped occupational therapy hall, speech and language therapy rooms, a technology room, a swimming pool and a computer centre.

PPS is a co-educational school with a cultural profile that is truly representative of South Africa’s rainbow nation. The school currently caters for 170 pupils, ranging from Grade 0 to Grade 7. It provides quality education in a nurturing, multi-disciplinary environment. Teachers and therapists aim to encourage pupils to reach their full potential and, where appropriate, return to mainstream schooling.

Pretoria Preparatory School Information:

  • Grade 0 to Grade 7
  • Non-profit, independent, remedial school
  • Quality education in a nurturing, multi-disciplinary environment
  • Well equipped occupational therapy hall
  • Speech and language therapy rooms
  • Technology room
  • Swimming pool
  • Computer centre

Pretoria Preparatory School Contact Details:  


Tel: 012 362 0308

Fax: 012 362 0366


Physical Address:
262 Murray Street

Postal Address:
PO Box 36214
Menlo Park

GPS Coordinates: 25°45’50 S 28°14’34 E