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Paws and Tails

Paws and Tails - Pretoria - Mobile Pet Care

Paws and Tails is a dedicated mobile pet care service in the Pretoria area, that specialises in the care and well being of your dogs, cats and other household pets at your home. Services include grooming, cleaning, dipping, bathing, transportation and sitting. The mobile pet care equipment consists of a variety of different bath sizes, dog and cat shampoos, grooming sets, dipping agents, brushes, towels and other pet care products suitable for all pets. Rates are tailored according to the needs of your pet – for further information contact Jolize at 072 749 6868 or email to

Paws and Tails mobile facilities:

  • Grooming & Cutting
  • Bathing & Dipping: using the correct pet care products for bathing and dipping (to get rid of ticks and flees).
  • Pet Sitting: visit your pets once a day at your home and interact with them

Paws and Tails Pretoria Contact Details:

Contact Person: Jolize
Tel: 072 749 6868

Contact Person: Shantel Mills
Tel: 0762411820

Paws and Tails - Pretoria - Mobile Pet Care-01