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NAD Supplies Packaging Materials

NAD Supplies Packaging Materials - Rosslyn
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NAD Supplies Packaging Materials. Our mission at Nad Supplies is to provide pallets, boxes, crates and packaging materials of exceptional quality in a timely manner, priced at or below our competition. We are manufacturers and suppliers of various types of packaging material (Pallets; Crates; Corrugated Boxes; Fruit, Vegetable and Meat Boxes; Filling Boxes; Storage Boxes; Inter Layers; Slip Sheets; Grip Sheets; Aerothene; Strapping; Buckles; Buff Tape; Pallet; Wrap; SFK Edge Guards Shavings; Pine Wood; etc.) We are able to supply in bulk, and to your specification. We also do deliveries.

At NAD Supplies we focus on your needs, and strive to be your one-stop-supplier for all your industrial packaging needs. Our service level are excellent and our prices are very competitive.

NAD Supplies Packaging Materials:

  • Corrugated Products – boxes, sheets, pallet, box assembled on pallet, SFK (singlle flute cardboard roll), edge guards / corner protection.
  • Wood Products – wooden pallets 2 way, wooden pallets 4 way, fully closed crats, semi closed crates, hardboard crates.
  • Slip Sheets (alternative to Wooden Pallets) – Standard sizes available: 1m x 1m and 1m x 1.2m.
  • Other Packing Material – bubble wrap, aerothene, palletwrap, buff tapr & clear tape.
  • Should you require any additional info please don’t hesitate contact me on the number below.
  • Elandre – 0769308450 Email –

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Elandre Muller



15 Stefaan Viljoen street