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My Wedding Online Wedding Invitations

My Wedding Online - Wedding Invitations

My Wedding Online is a personal wedding invitations website in South Africa. You can create your own Save the Date and Wedding Invitation website. Just click on “Get Started”, register, and make use of our free of charge 14 day trial. Our system is easy to use, and will help you manage your guest list, send invitations and RSVP Online, send SMS reminders and updates to your guests. My Wedding Online Wedding Invitations is quick, easy to use and affordable – you can even create your website in the language of your choice.

My Wedding Online Wedding Invitations: Brides can custom build or personalise the perfect website to fit the decor and theme of their special day. You can create your own, easy to use wedding invitations website in minutes. Guests are invited to your personal website through emails and sms. No more lost mail, postage, expensive design and printing costs. My Wedding Online website is easy to use, stylish and affordable.

My Wedding Online Wedding Invitations Information:

  • Save the date and wedding invitation in one
  • Free of charge 14 day trial
  • Smart Bulk SMS Messenger – keep in touch with all your guests
  • RSVP management system
  • Quick, easy to use, convenient & affordable
  • Create your own unique design for your perfect wedding
  • Send your wedding invitation to any country in the world
  • Create your website in any language
  • Easy to use design creator
  • More than 50 pre-designed themes to choose from

My Wedding Online Wedding Invitations – No more…

  • Hours of cutting and pasting
  • Expensive designs, paper & printing Lost Invitations
  • Wasted time on sending mail and trying to manage guest RSVP’s
  • Postage fees
  • Lost mail
  • Endless calls from guests who need more information
  • Stress when sending invitations abroad

My Wedding Online Contact Details: