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Moms and Tots Workshop Group SA

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Moms and Babes and Jungletots are members of The Moms and Tots Workshop Group, which have established a chain of Moms and Tots and Moms and Babes Workshops in Southern Africa, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. Children develop and benefit from these fun and stimulating Workshops and Playgroups that cover age groups from 2 months to 4 years old. There are branches of Moms and Tots, Moms and Babes and Jungletots across South Africa, and for more information about the branch nearest to you, go to the website.

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Moms and Tots Workshop Workshop Group:

  • Programmes: Moms and Babes; Moms and Tots; Jungletots.
  • Mothers and Babes: once a week for 1½ hour Workshops, an age appropriate baby stimulation programme for babies between 2 and 12 months old – Tiny Babes (2 to 6 Months), Babes (6 to 9 Months) & Busy Babes (9 to 12 Months).
  • Mothers and Tots: Workshop programme once a week for two hours, with fun and learning for toddlers from 1 to 3½ years old – Tiny Tots (1 to 1½ Years) & Tots (1½ to 3½ Years).
  • Jungletots: Educational Playgroup (pre-school / creche) for 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 year olds.

Moms and Tots SA Head Office Contact Details:

Contact Person: Petra Lester
Tel: +27 11 469 1530
Mobile: 082 468 1444
Fax: 088 011 469 1539

Postal Address:
P O Box 1721,
Sandton / Fourways, 2055