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Kidstickers - Randburg - School Labels

Your kids will love the designer stickers from Kidstickers! Well designed, functional labels, where they get to choose from vibrant colours, fun icons and funky letter-styles to make the labelling of their school stuff exclusive. These labels are suitable for stationery, school books, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, tog bags, pencil cases, suitcases, clothing, shoes, toys, bikes, laptops, bags. You can have your labels delivered to your nearest Post Office, or collect from the Randburg distribution point. For step by step instructions on how to order your school labels online, go to

Kidstickers Products:

  • The Bargain Batch (perfect Starter Pack): Simple Stickers (50mm x 20mm), Big Stickers (90mm x 20mm), Skinny Stickers (42mm x 6mm), Dots (20mm diameter), Dashes (42mm x 4mm), Shoe Spots (35mm diameter).
  • The Sticker Stash: Simple Stickers (50mm x 20mm), Big Stickers (90mm x 20mm), Skinny Stickers (42mm x 6mm), Dots (20mm diameter), Dashes (42mm x 4mm), Shoe Spots (35mm diameter), Special Shapes (55mm x 35mm), Super Stickers (175mm x 60mm), Ring Tags (white with full colour domed sticker), Iron-On Labels (40mm x 15mm).
  • The Simple Sticker: 50mm x 20mm, first name & surname – rulers, pencil cases, erasers, calculators, etc.
  • Big Sticker: 90mm x 20mm, first name & surname, telephone number optional – labels for big pencil cases, lunch boxes, juice bottles, bats, balls, etc.
  • Skinny Stickers: 42mm x 6mm, first name & surname – pens, pencils, scissors.
  • Teeny Stickers (Dots & Dashes): Dots – 20mm diameter, first name & surname; Dashes – 42mm x 4mm, first name & surname; for extra skinny objects like sharpeners, paint brushes.
  • Special Shape: approx 55mm x 35mm, first name & surname – for your favourite things.
  • Shoe Spots: 35mm diameter, first name & surname.
  • Super Sticker: 175mm x 60mm, fist name (surname or description optional) for bicycle, bedroom door, etc.
  • Book Sticker: 70mm x 45mm, first name & surname – book labels.
  • Ring Tag: 45mm diameter, for bags, tog bags, keys, jackets, etc.
  • Iron On Sticker: 40mm x 15mm, first name & surname, for school clothes.
  • Also Gift Stickers & Christmas Gift Stickers.

Kidstickers Contact Details:

Tel: 011 782 4660

Fax: 086 636 5164

Mobile: 083 273 9339


Physical Address:
Exhibitions House
69 Bram Fischer Drive
South Africa