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Going Digital

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Digital cameras are becoming more popular each day. You can take more photos without extra costs, print only the ones you really want, and they also make safekeeping much easier. The risk of damaging digital photographs is much less and it can be conserved for future generations. Remember growing up with “Slide Show Nights” with snacks, drinks, comfy pillows? The projector was unpacked, and slides were inserted (you always had to remember the right way around to get the picture the right way). Do you have any older film camera paper prints, negatives and maybe even slides that you aren’t able to enjoy anymore? We like to ‘relive’ the years and memories of the past, and would like you to enjoy yours too.

When slides, negatives and photographs are converted to digital format they can be displayed, printed, sorted, manipulated, transmitted and archived much easier. This is done without the chemical processing of the past. Going Digital is situated in Centurion, and specialises in the conversion of slides, negatives and photographs. Prices for different types of conversions can be found on our website, and we would give you a detailed quote to help you preserve all those old memories for future generations.

Going Digital offers:

  • Affordable Digital Conversions.
  • Convert Slides, Old Camera Negatives & Printed Photo.
  • All photos/slides will be stored on a DVD in Jpeg format.

Contact Details for Going Digital:

Contact Person:
Elzabe Strauss

072 060 6345



120 Robin Place