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Fire Detection Systems

FACN Fire Detection Systems

F.A.C.N is a fire safety service provider that offers customized solutions for fire detection systems, fire safety and fire prevention in South Africa. Fire detection systems prevent unnecessary loss and minimize interruptions of business continuity.

The F.A.C.N automatic fire detection systems allows one to constantly monitor and warn occupants of a possible fire. It provides a network of manual call points, fire sensors and sounders to cover specific areas.

F.A.C.N Services and Products:

  • Fire Detection: Analogue and addressable systems.
  • Conventional Fire Detection Systems.
  • Specialized fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Maintenance and Servicing contracts.
  • Supply and Servicing of hand-held fire extinguishers, hose reels and breathing apparatus.

It is essential that fire alarm systems be regularly serviced: Quarterly and Annual Tests that must be done by an approved installer.

We offer the following fire suppression systems:

Auto Fire Extinguishing Ball: Very cost effective fire extinguisher, puts out fires automatically and within seconds, requires no maintenance, checking or servicing, puts out all categories of fires.
FM-200: Fire Suppression agent doesn’t leave behind any oily residues, particulates, water,  or  corrosive materials, and does not cause collateral damage to valuable property, sensitive electronics, or whatever you need to protect.
STAT-X: Environmentally friendly, ease of installation, no pressure vessels, piping, or expensive installation manpower, very low maintenance.

F.A.C.N Fire Detection Systems contact details:


012 348 4333


All our work is carried out strictly in accordance with SANS 10139 and 10400 T/W and to the Local Authorities Specifications and we are accredited by SABS-1575, PSIRA (Private Security Regulatory Authority).
FACN Fire Detection Systems