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Edu Toys Pretoria

Edu Toys Pretoria cc understand the importance of stimulating kids’ development and learning skills through play, in their formative years. Edu Toys stock age and gender appropriate toys in a range of categories for parents, grandparents, crèches, pre-schools, primary schools, day care centres, occupational therapists and toy libraries to choose from.

Brand name toys available include  Creative, Rolfes, Penguin, Staedtler, Carioca, Bostik, MonAmi, Zoob, Creatives, suczezz, Smart Play, Look and Listen, Tolo, ACE. Edu Toys Pretoria Shop is situated in the Gift Acres Centre in Lynnwood Road, or you can order Online – goods can be sent countrywide by mail or courier service.

Edu Toys Pretoria products & services:

  • Age & Gender Appropriate Toys.
  • Brands: Staedtler, Penguin, Smart Play, Look and Listen, Creative, Rolfes, Carioca, Bostik, MonAmi, Zoob, Creatives, suczezz, Tolo, ACE.
  • Categories: Baby & Toddler, General, Fantasy Toys, Fantasy Corner Furniture, Auditive Perception, Construction, Creative Material, Literacy, Numeracy, Perception Toys & Games, Pre-School Theme Books, Pupil Workbooks, Puzzles, Sand & Water, Wall Charts, Movement Play, Music CD’s, Musical Instruments, Teacher Aids.
  • Office Hours: 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday; 9am – 3pm, Saturday & Public Holidays.

Edu Toys Pretoria Contact Details:

Tel: 012 361 9253

Fax: 012 361 9230



Physical Shop Address:
Edu Toys Pretoria
Gift Acres Centre
Lynnwood Rd
Lynnwood Ridge