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BurglarFit Burglarproofing

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BurglarFit is a South African Company that specialises in quick, one day installations of superior quality, affordable burglar proofing. BurglarFit is the manufacturer and installer of stronger than conventional burglar proofing suitable for the South African market. A unique Emergency Installation Service is available, where burglar proofing is installed immediately after a burglary, to ensure peace of mind and safety for the occupants of a home, office or other building.

The burglar proof bars with 20mm square tubing and 12mm round bar provide superior strength, and is powder coated to resist corrosion. These burglar proof bars are also very easy to install (DIY), with adjustable brackets and snap-off security bolts, and safe you a substantial amount of money on installation costs.

BurglarFit Burglarproofing

BurglarFit Burglarproofing Products & Services:

  • Fully Installed Burglarproofing: one day installations, quick and effortless.
  • DIY Burglarproofing: fully adjustable, easy fitting, no cutting, welding or painting required.
  • Emergency Installations: can be done by a BurglarFit Team immediately after a burglary, to ensure peace of mind.

BurglarFit Contact Details:

Tel: 082 496 5177

Fax: 086 611 7031

Email: Quintin Botha –