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BurglarFit Burglar Bars

BurglarFit provides emergency burglar bars to assist you in making your house burglary-resistant. Save money on installation costs by installing your own superior quality burglar proofing at home, to effectively secure it’s contents and keep to your family safe.

BurglarFit supplies superior strength burglar bars that can be fully installed quickly and effortlessly by a competent team, as well as DIY burglars bars that can be easily fitted by a homeowner.

BurglarFit burglar bars are manufactured from strong, 20mm square tubing and 12mm round bar, with adjustable brackets and snap-off security bolts, and no welding or re-painting is required. It is powder coated in various colours to complement your home decor.

It can be fitted instantly to prevent burglars from re-entering your home. Save money on your budget and choose the cheapest option for securing your home, by installing superior quality burglar proofing yourself.

BurglarFit specializes in 1 day installations of strong and durable burglar proofing. Emergency installations can be done quick and neat soon after a break-in, to ensure security and peace of mind.

BurglarFit burglar proofing is a popular, affordable product that offers real protection against intruders.

Contact Details for BurglarFit Burglar Bars:

082 496 5177



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