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The Black Science, Technology and Engineering Professionals is a non-profit organisation promoting the achievement of skills in science, engineering, and technology. BSTEP encourages and supports people from diverse social and economic backgrounds to become SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) professionals, to become involved in government programmes as SET professionals, and to promote their SET skills in their communities.

BSTEP Objectives:

  • Achieve competitive SET skills among the black community.
  • Promote quality instruction of SET skills to people from diverse social and economic backgrounds.
  • Increase the number of black people with SET skills on a local and international level.
  • Help provide access to quality infrastructure for Black SET Professionals.
  • Training and research resources for Black SET Professionals.
  • Encourage Black SET professionals to contribute SET skills in their communities.
  • Promote the involvement of Black SET Professionals in government programmes.

Contact Details for BSTEP:

Contact Person:
Virgie Souvannasap

(+27-(0)12) 000 0079



Building 19A