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Ali Khan Fine Persian Carpets

Oriental Carpets - Pretoria - Ali Khan Fine Carpets

Ali Khan Fine Persian Carpets is situated in Lois Ave, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, and is a supplier of Oriental carpets, rugs and runners. Ali Khan Fine Carpets also specialises in the cleaning of Persian carpets. The wide selection of products include Chobi, made from natural dyed and hand spun Ghazni wool from Himalayan sheep, Tabriz rugs from the North West of Iran, Indo Mahi Tabriz Rugs woven in Rajasthan in Northern India, Karachi carpets from Pakistan, Kilim (prayer-rugs), tapestry woven rugs, and Persian carpets.

The Khan Family has been in the carpet business for more than 3 decades. With extensive experience, we sell our goods directly to the public. We only sell top of the range hand made carpets. Rugs and carpets are both functional and an integral part of interior decoration. Collecting rugs and carpets are influenced as much by personal taste as by rarity and collectability.

Ali Khan Fine Persian Carpets:

  • Carpets: Chobi, Seirafian & Haji Jalili, Runners, Tabriz, Turkoman & Caucasian, Karachi, Kilims, Persian, Islamabad
  • Paintings
  • Auctions: contact Ali Khan Fine Carpets for upcoming auctions

Ali Khan Fine Carpets Head Office Contact Details:

Tel: 012 993 3206

Cell: 083 708 3455



Physical Address:
Ali Khan Fine Carpets
381 Lois Ave
Waterkloof Glen